About Anisimoff LegalAs a firm, we have continuously provided our unique brand of advice to the advertising, marketing and media industries since the firm was established by Tony Anisimoff in Sydney in 1983.  We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and on the NSW Central Coast.

We are committed to using our vast experience to provide industry-specific, practical advice to our clients with a focus on common sense and personalised, tailored solutions. Simply, we are a part of the industry and we intrinsically understand time pressures and creative goals, so we are best placed to take a strategic and commercial approach, balanced with appropriate risk assessment, to enable our clients to balance many competing priorities.

Our specialist knowledge and industry focus have significantly impacted and moulded our unique structure which also enables great flexibility, while enabling us to charge very competitively.

Anisimoff Legal is the sole Australian member of AdLaw International, an international network of leading advertising law firms, with a growing network of members worldwide. This enables us to keep abreast of global intellectual property issues and places us as an internationally recognised expert in this area of law.

Anisimoff Legal is a member of the Australasian Promotion Marketing Association (APMA), which represents the leading promotion marketing agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

All of our solicitors are members of the Law Society of NSW or the Law Institute of Victoria respectively.