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5 Ways Your Lawyer Is Costing You Time And Money

Most of you will have noticed at some time or another, how lawyers can cost more than you ever thought possible. So much so that many of our clients, when they come to us, have a distrust of lawyers in general. There is good reason for this, and it goes further than just their bill. There are ways that the legal profession operates that seem geared up to cost you time and money. Here are a few of the common things to look out for.

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3 Questions To Ask Your Current Lawyer

So you have got yourself a lawyer, but you have a niggling feeling that things are not working as they should. What can you do? There are a few good questions you can ask that will help to develop the relationship with, and get you better results from, your lawyer. It can also help you sort out whether they are the type of lawyer that wants those things also.

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Long awaited relief for companies as electronic signing now permitted (again)

In a technology-driven world, it has become increasingly out of date to have to sign documents in ‘wet ink’ in favour of electronic signatures. Despite many of us ‘WFH’ under mandatory lockdown restrictions, these antiquated legal requirements for physical document signing have burdened many companies trying to carry on business as usual.

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Using third party names in Google Ad campaigns – Employsure case shows the risks

Google Ads is an effective way of capturing the attention of a certain audience, and it is tempting to buy up AdWords connected to your competitors, or industry players to help drive the right sort of consumers to your website.  How far can you go with using third party names in your Google Ads strategy and what are the boundaries? This recent case highlights the dangers of blurring the lines between your own brand, and that of an unrelated third party. 

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When is bonus content considered paid content? Who is responsible when influencers post organic content that is not paid for by a brand?

By Rohan Vasudevan, Solicitor 17 September 2021 In our recent [...]

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Let’s talk about tax, baby! Let’s talk about what you need to know when your deal involves contra-contra exchanges

By Winnie Lok, Solicitor 30 July 2021 Everyone’s favourite topic [...]

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Big changes to AANA Food and Beverages Code – major impacts for ‘unhealthy’ food and beverage ads and targeting children

Mark Armstrong, Solicitor   7 July 2021 The Australian Association [...]

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Google’s hand no longer stuck in cookie jar – What do Google’s recent changes to cookie policies mean for you?

Mark Armstrong, Solicitor and Heidi Bruce, Principal 17 June 2021 [...]

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