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Drafting, review and negotiation of all agreements including client, supplier, employment, media etc.

M&A + Corporate

Shareholder agreements, sale of assets, business and shares, share plans and corporate advisory.

Branding, Trade Marks & IP

Trade marks and brand protection, copyright, patents, designs, licensing and advice.

Clearance + Compliance

Advertising clearance reviews, regulatory and compliance support, foods, therapeutics, product packaging, competition and consumer law.

Advice and support with trade promotions, permits, draws, competitions and other promotional services.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial leasing for your office lease and to cover you with moves, subleasing, or lease changes.


Dispute resolution, whether for contracts, commercial, trade marks or websites, regulatory investigations and consumer complaints.

Data, Privacy + Digital

Privacy and data protection compliance, privacy policies, breach response, security, social, websites and digital.

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Competitive Advantage Packages

Health Check

Are your legal processes & frameworks limiting your agency’s or brand’s ability to thrive?

If you want your legal to be a competitive advantage then the first step is to find out where it’s harming your business. Find out if your legal is a competitive advantage or a ticking time bomb, with our health check.

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Better Business Packages

Are you sick of buying legal services the traditional way? Where you’re not sure if you’re getting value for money or even the best advice?

We’ve designed a suite of packages mapped to the most common problems we see agencies and brands have. Buy our legal services and advice with confidence that you know what you will get in return.

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In-house Counsel

Want the flexibility of on-demand in-house legal expertise while also getting the benefits of working with a specialist law firm that is an active participant in your industry?

Our Virtual In-house Counsel offering gives you just that.

Many of our clients rely on us as their ongoing, periodic or ad-hoc legal support, to provide clearance, contract advisory, template drafting, general advice and support on their various legal needs.

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We understand the challenges that agencies and brands face dealing with creative subject matter and people in a complex commercial setting.

Minefields like client contract requirements and negotiation, trademark & IP protection, copyright and licensing, ad clearance and promotional permits, can cause headaches for agency owners and brand managers alike.

In an industry that is rapidly changing, getting the right commercial and legal advice is vital to ensure the success, growth and protection of your business investment.

Anisimoff provides a range of specialist advice and services to make your legal team your competitive advantage.

Where Traditional Law Firms
Fail Creative Agencies & Brands

Advice that is on
the fence

We get that in your fast-paced environment, you are looking for upfront and honest advice.

Traditional law firms prefer to give you generic, on the fence advice that is overly cautious and provides no value.

Overly complicated
contracts that kill deals

An overly complicated contract that holds up the buying process benefits the lawyers who get to justify their billable hours on putting it together.

Yes, your contracts need to protect you, but we believe they shouldn’t get in the way of getting a deal done.

Lack of industry
knowledge & expertise

Traditional law firms have general knowledge across the board and no substantial expertise outside of the area law they practice.

Honest and valuable advice can only be provided by lawyers who have deep expertise and vast experience in your industry and understand your day to day challenges.

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