Are your legal processes
& frameworks limiting your Agency’s ability to thrive?

If you want your legal processes to be a competitive advantage, then the first step is to find out where they are harming your business.

Find out if your legal is a competitive advantage or a ticking time bomb waiting to explode with our health check…

We’ll review your inhouse processes and documents to do a health check on your legal frameworks and provide you with a high-level report of our findings.

You’ll find out where the legal issues are in your business and what could be improved to help you run a better agency.

From $1000 + GST

We’ll check the most important parts of your legal frameworks which may include any or all of the following:

Privacy policy – GDPR

Website terms of use

Trade marks – Are your key brands protected?

Business and domain names

Employment agreement

Supplier agreements

Client services agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Talent/Influencer agreement

Marketing compliance and legal clearance process

Pitch and presentation disclaimers

Client signoff process
– for work and costs

As always, if you have any legal issue, question, or document on your mind, whether big or small, we’d be happy to give you a quote and help. Get in touch!

The Roadmap

As part of the health check, we’ll provide you with a roadmap for turning your legal processes, frameworks and representation into a competitive advantage.

You’ll get a written roadmap report from us (including clear steps and costings) as well as an in-person meeting to discuss our key findings and your pathway to improving your agency.

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