Legal Packages for Agencies & Brands

As a firm that has specialised in helping agencies and brands navigate advertising, marketing and media law for the better part of 40-years, we’ve learnt a thing or two on how legal can help you win more deals, run a better business and protect your most valuable assets.

We’ve used these years of knowledge to create a suite of packages mapped to the most common problems we see agencies and brands have. The packages allow you to buy our legal services and advice with confidence because you know what you will get in return. We are also happy to create a package tailored for you.

Competitive Advantage Packages

Win More Business Maximiser

Don’t let poorly worded or overly complicated contracts kill your deals.

In this package, we review and refresh your standard client contracts to ensure you are adequately protected and put you in the best position to win the deal. We’ll then workshop the top ten showstoppers and advise you on how to handle them.

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Production Success Accelerator

The key to any successful business is the smooth operation of its teams and minimising the drama.

In this package, we focus on your marketing team. We review your compliance and client approval processes, and relevant agreements to ensure your marketing team aims for success, so you don’t have to have complete personal oversight of every detail of every project.

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Agency Supercharger

Taking the next step with your agency can be next to impossible without evolving your legal to match your business right now and where you want it to be in the future.

In this package, we supercharge your legal kit and revisit your contracts to ensure your agency set is set up for growth and protected from potential risks.

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Sense Checker

Sometimes you need another set of eyes for a different perspective and to make sense of everything.

Our Sense Checker package allows you to engage us at a micro level to help with an individual creative concept, issue or clause in a contract. We’ll provide you with clear and cost-effective advice to get your project over the line. We can be on hand any time, with no job too small.

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Legal 101 Masterclass

The world of regulatory compliance is constantly changing. Your staff need to be aware of their requirement when pitching, creating and executing campaigns.

In these masterclasses, we step your team through the legal requirements including in promotions, advertising and other hot topics.

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Start Up Launcher

Starting up a successful new business can be daunting, and if mistakes are made early on, it can be a costly endeavour.

Our Business Start-Up Launcher helps entrepreneurs and new business owners, with all of the required legal templates, advice and processes you need to establish a thriving business.

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