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The key to any successful business is the smooth operation of its teams and minimising the drama.

In this package, we focus on your marketing team. We take a fresh look at your marketing compliance and client approval processes, and relevant agreements. There are certain areas of the marketing process where drama and risk can creep in, particularly as a team grows. We aim to tighten up any compliance gaps and ensure you have the right systems in place, to ensure your team can run smoothly, with less drama. That way you personally don’t need to have complete personal oversight of every detail of every project.

We will provide you with a set of updated documents and procedures, to ensure your marketing team is set up for success.

  • We review your supplier agreement, Purchase Order and estimate terms and provide you with new or updated templates
  • We review your client approval process including how your clients sign off on work, and costs
  • We review your marketing clearance process, including checklists, compliance review steps, and any staff training
  • We get to know the key risks and requirements for you and your team
  • We run a staff training presentation to take your team through the new agreements and key issues e.g. engaging talent, suppliers and IP.
  • A cohesive set of supplier and signoff documents that work together and minimise room for error.
  • A compliance process for successful marketing projects and managing risks.
  • Staff who are clear on the approval processes, what risks to look for and when to get help

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Expect within 2 – 3 weeks.

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