Agency Supercharger

Taking the next step with your agency can be next to impossible without evolving your legal to match your business right now and where you want it to be in the future.

In this package, we supercharge your legal kit and revisit your key contracts, to ensure your agency set is set up for growth and protected from potential risks.

We can also create a tailored package to suit the nature of your business, whatever stage of growth you are in.

  • We review your client services contract, and supplier agreement, to see if they are up to date with your current requirements and industry expectations
  • We review your brand portfolio and advise on trade mark protection options for your key brands
  • We review your employment agreement to see if it needs updates in line with new laws and practices
  • We review your NDA and any pitch and presentation material disclaimers
  • We offer you and your staff guidance on key compliance areas such as copyright, IP and relevant codes.
  • Up to date contract templates that fit your current business requirements.
  • Protection of your creative assets, concepts and key business brands
  • Legal guidance on areas of interest to help you run a better business

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Expect within 2 – 3 weeks.

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