Legal 101 Masterclass

The world of regulatory compliance is constantly changing. Your staff need to be aware of their requirements when pitching, creating and executing campaigns.

In these masterclasses, we step your team through the legal requirements for running a smooth campaign, activity or promotion.

  • A one hour session with your team run online or in person, with time for Q&A
  • Slides to run through on video call or in person
  • Education for your team on key topics
  • Latest cases and examples to keep it interesting and relevant

We would happily discuss running one for you and your team. Current Masterclasses include:

Promo 101
  • Covers a basic overview of promotions, including trade promotion lotteries, games of skill and conditional offers, with discussion of permits, terms and conditions, advertising requirements, social media and other watch outs.
Changes to the Food and Beverage Code
  • Covers updated code (Nov 2021) on occasional foods, targeting of children, sponsorships, prizes and vouchers.
Changes to the AANA Code of Ethics
  • Covers latest changes (Feb 2021) on gender stereotypes, sexualised imagery, implied violence, unsafe practices of concern and influencer marketing.
Agency workshop/s
  1. Top legal issues, pitfalls, risks and land minescovers contracts and disputes, different forms of IP, ownership and infringement, supplier and production risks, talent issues, campaign clearance
  1. Media lawcovers the current state of play for agencies in planning and buying media – including transparency, online media and programmatic, brand safety, reporting, the AANA template, and key issues in contract negotiations.

Free of charge.


Talk to us to set up a time that works for your team.

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