Costs Disclosure

We strive to be fair, transparent and open to client discussion on costs issues for all matters. You have the right to ask for an estimate of fees for any matter. If you have not been given an estimate and you would like one, please feel free to do so. 

If you are given an estimate, it is an estimate only. All fees are fixed rate unless otherwise stated. We will inform you if anything happens that significantly changes this estimate, including if the scope of work varies significantly from that originally provided.  

If our legal fees are likely to be more than $3,000 (excluding GST and disbursements) we will give you a full disclosure of costs in writing.  

Your rights include to:  

  • ask for an explanation of any estimate 
  • negotiate a costs agreement  
  • negotiate the billing method (e.g. in terms of timing or tasks)  
  • request a written progress report of costs incurred 
  • receive a written bill for work done  
  • request an itemised bill  
  • talk to us if you have issues with our costs and if you are still not satisfied you can contact your local regulatory authority (the Legal Services Commissioner in your State).