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  • Can sex still sell? Because the Advertising Standards Board isn’t buying…
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  • Un-FitBit! ACCC pursues FitBit over dodgy consumer warranty claims
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  • Have you heard of the EU’s new general data protection regulation and are you ready for it?
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  • Facebook advertising practices shamed as fake erectile dysfunction ads get a rise out of Eddie Mcguire
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  • NSW Government clearly sick of wasted Christmas presents – Gift card expiry laws now changed
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  • Woolworths’ “Green Plate Special”. Woolworths runs into trouble with their ‘Eco-Friendly’ products
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  • Belkin busted and make undertakings to ACCC regarding their “Lifetime” warranties
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  • Now that’s a lawsuit – Paul Hogan sues burger chain for passing off
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  • Chamomile, copyright and common use – when is publicly available not public domain?
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The little black book

7 secrets revealed for turning the right legal representation & frameworks into a competitive advantage.

In this guide we reveal how the traditional legal delivery model is broke and how you can:

  • Win more projects
  • Work faster
  • Lower your risk exposure
  • Improve your client relationships
  • Save money
  • Say goodbye without burning bridges
  • Run a better agency
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